Monthly Marketing Update- Southern Oregon June 2023
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Southern Oregon
Monthly Marketing Update- June 2023

YAY- we are starting hospital case management events again, they are scheduled for the fall for August and September (details below)! Currently, priority registration is ONLY open to Retirement Connection Sponsors who will be presenting a CEU poster. The posters help Case Managers get their continuing education, and that is why they have the first opportunity to register.  This means that Retirement Connection Sponsors should start working on creating their educational/non-promotional poster content. Erin and I would love to share more about
this process  with you. The final CEU poster content is due to Amy on July 10th.

Our team had a great time networking with many friendly faces at the Release Party and After-Hours events last month!  Take a moment to view the photos on Facebook and tag yourself. The newest edition of the guide is available at every hospital, library, and senior center. If you want more copies to share with those in your community, just let us know. Click here to order more guides for those you serve.

We have already started reserving space in the 2024 edition and you can save 10% with the Early Bird discount. Ad content and payment will not be due until next year, this is simply our way of thanking our sponsors by offering the best placement at a discounted rate. Please reach out to Erin if you are interested.

Make sure to save the date for the Transitions of Care Zoom Call on your calendar for June 6th, tomorrow, and for the CareAvailability webinar on June, 9th details are below. Both of these are full of important updates.

Network Meetings

Please visit our networking page for more details.

June 15, 9am
Southern Oregon Networking And Resource (S.O.N.A.R.)
June 22, 9:30am
Douglas County Senior Resource Coalition

Marketing Update

Please visit our event calendar for details and more.

June 6, 11:30am
Transitions of Care
The goal of this meeting is to improve communication between case management and community providers. This ZOOM call provides thirty minutes of engagement with hospital case management staff, followed by 15 minutes of provider discussion if needed.

Join Zoom Meeting-

June 9, 10am
CareAvailability Webinar
Join Zoom Meeting

CEU Events

Please visit our education page for more details.

August 18,
Three Rivers Medical Center Resource Fair
September 21,
Rogue Regional Medical Center Resource Fair
Make YOUR lists and organize YOUR search!
Our latest feature allows you to build your own lists of options and interests as you search for senior living and care. When viewing a community, simply click on the heart Icon in the top left of their profile photo and select to add to a list. You can add and delete lists as your needs change. Additionally, you can share your list with a friend or family member using the share button.

Below is an example from “My Lists”...

On the Move

Do you know someone that has recently changed positions? Send us an update to share in the monthly newsletter, helping everyone stay connected and informed about community   
changes. We include your name, company, and photo so others in the industry can connect
with you.

Nugget Of Knowledge

"You can't do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth."
~ H. L. Mencken

My husband, Lyman, has been my example for the width and depth of a life. This past month he went on hospice and in these final weeks, he continues to touch the lives of everyone around him. No matter how much pain he feels, he finds a way to set others at ease with his wit and charm. Ask yourself- do I take the opportunity to make a moment about myself or about others? Working in senior care, we have a unique opportunity to make a difference in someone's life almost every single day. Go make a difference today.

Amy Schmidt
Retirement Connection



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