Monthly Marketing Update- Portland/ Vancouver January 2023
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Monthly Marketing Update- January 2023

My favorite moments of the past month have been the phone calls with individual seniors calling to order an updated copy of Retirement Connection for Portland/Vancouver. It has been heartwarming to know that we are making a difference and bringing value to our community. The new edition will hit the streets this week, and we are distributing it to EVERY hospital, library, senior center, and hundreds of other locations. NEW- we are creating an interactive map, where a family can search by location to pick up a copy nearest their location. If your organization would like to keep a supply on hand to assist seniors looking for a copy- please complete this form to be included. If a senior does not drive or lives out of the area, we will continue to mail a copy.

Just a reminder, there is NOT a Release Party for this market. Instead, we are hosting “A Taste of Derby” exclusively for our sponsors, key partners, and hospital case managers. Our sponsors should start looking for their derby hats now and plan to join us on the morning of May 6th for remote viewing of the Kentucky Derby and wine tasting at The Four Graces Winery, here are a few pics from our Facebook page.

Hopefully, you saw our post on Facebook last week as we welcomed the newest sponsors in the guide. We are excited to be working with so many new sponsors. Please take a moment to connect. Both Retirement Connection and continue to thrive, and as always- please let our sponsors (aka Advertisers) know that you found them through these resources. The guide, website, and all of our events remain free to the community because of the support of our sponsors.

Network Meetings

January 4, 8am
Metropolitan Senior Network (MSN)
January 10, 3pm
Every County Marketing Exchange (ECME)
January 20, 9am
Senior Service Network (SSN-Clark)
Please visit our networking page for meeting details.

We include a robust list of events and networking opportunities on, including landing pages for recurring network meetings. A meeting must include the following to be included in our newsletter:

  • Be specific to the senior industry
  • Be open to anyone from the senior industry to attend, and not a close network
  • Have a Regular attendance of 25+
  • Typically held in person rather than on-line

Marketing Update

Please visit our event calendar for details

February 7, 11am
Transitions of Care
The goal of this meeting is to improve communication between case management and community providers. This ZOOM call provides thirty minutes of engagement with hospital case management staff, followed by 15 minutes of provider discussion if needed. This month we will cover Case Management Week details.

Join Zoom Meeting-
March 10
Memories in the Making Art Auction and Gala
MIMAA earlybird ticket price is $195, limited to the first 25 and ends Dec 31st (regular ticket price will be $325). Visit Website for more details.
Our landing pages have generated over 2.1 million Google impressions year to date. Do you have educational content you want to share on our site? Linking to your company website through educational content is a great way to increase your online presence! Reach out to for more information.
On the Move

Do you know someone that has recently changed positions? Send us an update to share in the monthly newsletter, helping everyone stay connected and informed about community changes. We include your name, company, and photo so others in the industry can connect with you.
Bess Lindahl is now
Managing Owner,
Care And Keeping

Nugget Of Knowledge
"Normalize I'm willing to work on that instead of That's just how I am." — Unknown

I have realized then when someone gives me feedback, I tend to deflect and defend rather than just listen. I am working harder to acknowledge the feedback, rather than reply. I often prefer to solve a problem, rather than just hear the concern. Sometimes the best support we can offer others is a listening ear.

Amy Schmidt
Retirement Connection



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