Monthly Marketing Update- Puget Sound June 2024
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Puget Sound
Monthly Marketing Update- June 2024

We've already had some big wins this year… Every event we have hosted has had record attendance, along with increased online engagement and more requests for print guides than ever before. For advertising, each guide has increased over the past year and allowed us to meet new providers and referral sources. We are immensely grateful for our sponsors, those who share the guide, and everyone who uses the guide as part of their daily “go-to resource”. Thank you.

On a personal note - I just had a personal win over the weekend, as my youngest graduated from High School. It will be bittersweet in the fall when he joins his sister at Oregon State and I become an empty nester. The changes in my life over the past 2 years have been significant, and it has increased my empathy for the seniors we serve. When I lost my husband and close friends in recent years, I would think how challenging it must be for older adults, as their circle of loved ones decreases. And as a busy home turns quiet, it may be similar to that of downsizing or making a move. None of our experiences are exactly the same, but the past few years have brought new respect for the greatest generation.

The good news is that all of our business growth this year has kept me busy and added a much needed distraction in my personal life. The wins and losses have brought our team closer, and I am so proud of how we worked to support each other and the communities we serve.

Our Puget Sound Release Party and Tacoma Happy Hour were VERY well attended. Visit our Facebook photos to see the fun. We have already had new providers and existing sponsors reserve their space in the guide for next year. Thank you for helping us create opportunities to network and grow our community. You have a short amount of time to still take advantage of the early bird discount, and that means 1) save 10%  2) better placement in the guide 3) more options to spread out billing into 2025.

Network Meetings

Please visit our networking page for more details.

June 4, 8:30am
Senior Care Coalition
June 6, 8am
Aging and LTC Providers Network
June 13, 9am
Health Care Providers Council
June 13, 11:30am
June 18, 8:30am
Senior Care Coalition
June 19, 8:30am
South End Coalition
June 28, 9:00am
NW LGBT Senior Care Providers Network Meeting
July 17, 11:30am
Coordinators of Patient Services (COPS)

Marketing Update

June 4, 11:30am
Transitions of Care
For this month's call we hope to facilitate a conversation between Senior Living Providers and Referral Agencies to improve best practices when a patient is discharged from the hospitals.

Join Zoom Meeting-

June 4, 12pm
Providence Everett Medical Center CEU Event
Registration is full
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On the Move

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Nugget Of Knowledge

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." -Theodore Roosevelt

I struggle with an endless task list and limited emotional energy in work and my personal life. Sometimes I find that I made a wrong decision about what to do, and I second-guess my actions later. When I am stressed or emotional this can be even harder. I often need to remind myself that I made the best choices with the information available to me at the time.  

Amy Schmidt
Retirement Connection



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